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Ayurveda has been practiced for centuries and it has been proven to be a holistic and comprehensive healing method. Our Ayurvedic department has been established to provide authentic ayurvedic therapy and medicine in the UAE, by our highly skilled DHA licensed doctors and therapists (male & female) on the panel. Every remedy and treatment plan offered at our clinic is true to tradition and honors the time-tested wealth of ayurvedic knowledge. In the endeavor to provide a complete solution to a healthy life by curing ailments and ensuring wellbeing, we follow various combinations of ayurvedic therapies.

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In this hectic world, it is important to find ways to relax both body and mind, and Ayurveda provides this therapy in natural ways ensuring that you are one with nature.

Panchakarma is an ancient practice of healing and rejuvenation, which takes an individual through the journey of discovery, cleansing, and awakening of one’s healing energies and senses.

Ayurvedic skincare can include facials, face masks, and herbal formulations. Some of these remedies may help in the treatment of skin issues, like acne, eczema, dryness, redness, and rosacea.

Rasayana Chikitsa, or Rejuvenation Therapy, is a holistic Ayurvedic healthcare treatment. It revitalizes the human body, equipping it to regain and maintain health.

Ayurveda offers different therapies for the relaxation of the mother and to ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery of the baby.

Our Department of Ayurveda is well-versed and well-equipped with the knowledge of how to care for mother and child after delivery.

Since Ayurveda focuses on balancing the body, mind, and spirit, specific treatments produce far-reaching results. Incorporating lifestyle changes, panchakarma, herbs, ayurvedic massage, diet, and stress management helps relieve pain.

COVID infection has left us with less immunity against other ailments. Ayurveda’s natural remedies can help in enhancing our immunity to fight diseases.

Ashwagandha is an ancient ayurvedic herb used in various ayurvedic medications. This herb has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that act as an immunomodulatory system. It strengthens the joints and bones when used regularly. This ayurvedic herb offers amazing properties for pain relief.

Ayurveda's approach to stress management lies in achieving peace. It doesn’t see the body and the mind as two different entities but as reflections of each other. Thus, the key to effective stress management as per Ayurveda lies in treating the nervous system.

Ayurveda believes that an imbalance of the three Doshas can cause allergies. When your Doshas are not at their optimal levels, allergic reactions aggravate, making your body unable to expel the accumulated toxins due to a weakened immune system.

According to Ayurveda, stroke is caused due to the vitiation of Vata dosha, which controls the motor and sensory activities in the body. The line of treatment is to bring back the motor and sensory functions of the brain. Internal medicines boost the blood supply and natural antioxidants increase the oxygenation to the brain, rejuvenate the brain cells, and decrease cell death..

Ayurveda offers internal medicines as well as external therapies, such as massages, to increase the recovery rate from a sports injury.

Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies for treating cervical spondylosis include Abhyanga swedam, Elakizhi, Nasyam, Shirovasti or Shirodhara, Sarvangadhara, Greeva vasti, Navara kizhi, Pizhichil, etc, to relieve pain, inflammation of muscles and ligaments and to improve the flexibility of neck bone joints.

Along with physical care, the emotional well-being of pregnant women should be considered with utmost importance as the feelings, thoughts, anxiety, and stress of the mother can be passed to the unborn baby too. So good prenatal care after the first trimester is advised.


Increases blood circulation, relieves pain, swelling, and muscle cramps during pregnancy, soothing, reduces stress, minimizes stretch marks, enhances the texture of the skin, and overall wellbeing of mother and baby.

Ayurveda aims at healthily shedding the extra pounds. Ayurvedic weight loss therapy combines medicines and therapies along with diet and lifestyle modifications.


It is a therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powder mixed with oil, in which the powder is rubbed forcibly on the body in upward strokes (against the direction of hair follicles). This breaks down excess fat accumulated under the skin, removes toxins, improves skin complexion, reduces cholesterol, improves joint mobility, and relieves stress.


It is an ayurvedic detox therapy that helps to cleanse the body. It aids in the weight loss process, relieves gastrointestinal disorders, purifies blood, and improves skin disorders and allergies.

After pregnancy and delivery, the mother experience both physical and emotional changes. Lack of sleep, anxiety over a baby's health, worrying about own body shape, and hormonal changes are normal concerns during the postpartum period and if not corrected at the time, they can lead to postpartum depression. Postpartum is a highly sensitive period and proper Ayurvedic care during this particular period plays an important role in fast healing, boosting immunity, and improving the production of breast milk.


This increases blood circulation, eases the process of recovery, relieves muscle pain and stress, and soothes and relaxes the body. Abyangam with suitable oil increases the production of oxytocin and in turn, results in improving breast milk production. It helps in reducing pigmentation and lightens the stretch marks.


It strengthens the ligaments and muscles, smoothens skin, and relieves pain.


This uses a special belly wrapping technique. It strengthens the back, supports the spine, and restores muscle and organs to normal position.

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