Medical Director

Dr. Suzan Noori

Is a highly esteemed neurologist with a wealth of experience and expertise inher field.

Dr. Suzan Noori is a highly esteemed neurologist with a wealth of experience and expertise in her field. As the founder of the neurology unit and a senior consultant physician at UHS, as well as an associate professor at the Medical College University of Sharjah, Dr. Noori plays a pivotal role in both clinical practice and medical education. Her dedication to advancing neurological care is evident through her various roles and contributions within the medical community.

In addition to her clinical and academic responsibilities, Dr. Noori has also demonstrated leadership in establishing her own medical center, the Dr. Suzan Noori Medical Center, in Dubai. This center uniquely integrates modern medicine with Ayurvedic treatment, offering holistic care to patients. As the medical director and practicing neurologist at the center, Dr. Noori exemplifies a commitment to comprehensive patient care and innovation in medical practice.

Dr. Noori's expertise spans a wide range of neurological disorders, with a particular focus on multiple sclerosis and demyelination disorders, headache, the rapeutic Botox for dystonia and chronic migraine headache, Baclofen pump refilling and programming, and chronic pain management. Her leadership in specialized clinics, such as those for dystonia and spasticity, headache and migraine, and Baclofen pump management, underscores her dedication to providing tailored and high-quality care to her patients.

Furthermore, Dr. Noori's involvement in medical education, including her role in MRCP-PACES examinations in the UAE, highlights her commitment to nurturing the next generation of medical professionals and advancing standards of medical practice.

Overall, Dr. Suzan Noori's exceptional skills, dedication, and leadership make her a highly sought-after neurologist in the UAE, and her contributions significantly impact the advancement of neurological care in the region.

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